Primary Science Online Club

                          Where you can find primary aged children science lessons in one place

Scott and Gary have been working in primary schools all over the UK and abroad with a combined number of years exceeding 35 years,   providing fun science workshops and shows for both KS1 and KS2 pupils. Their experiences in supplying these workshops is second to none .

For over 7 years they have also provided 5 week AFTER SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB courses in Kent and East Sussex in classrooms on different topics of science.

A great idea to extend the fun of learning is to join our online courses to help improve the understanding of science to primary aged children, linked to the national curriculum guidelines. These are suited to HOME EDUCATORS AND ANYONE that has an interest in the development of children towards science.

They have now started their web page science courses which run for 5 weeks but in your own home. The topics relate to Sound, Light, Materials and their properties, Forces and Living Things. These are great for revision but also to enthuse young children to understand some of the basics in primary science.

Each week on the day you choose we will send a programme link to you so that the family can run through the interactive pages: watching videos of us demonstrating shows and experiments, printing out worksheets, on line competitions and loads of things the children will be able to make and experiments they can try out  too!  Each one last approx. 60-90 mins. ALL items they will use can be obtained around the home.

 * It  would be an advantage to have a printer so you can print off some templates and worksheets.                        However don’t worry  - we will supply the printed worksheets and craft sheets.

Also in the first week we will also send you through the post a small box with its contents relating to the 5 topics. These will be things to make:  special magic wand, animation kit, things to grow etc. +  worksheets and ALL items you need for the 5 week course and information about these items will be explained each week within the course. Other items like vinegar and baking powder can be found around your own home.

The fee is £30 for the 5 week course which can be paid safely via our web page via credit/debit card or paypal. Once payment has been received we will write to you confirming your place and the day you have chosen to receive the workshops. We are sure the whole family programme will be well received and you can repeat the workshops whenever you want. So we look forward to hearing from you.            



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